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THE HERB is a Classical MMORPG combined with innovations where adventures await behind every corner!

Gondwana is one of the oldest planets in the universe of Argatica, and is the only source of extremely rare and valuable herbs that enhance abilities. You’ll play a character who is a member of a secret organization. Your quest is to save the inhabitants of the Planet.

The game offers a spellbinding storyline, a variety of PvE events, ranked PvP, a robust Guilds system, Pets & Mount system as well as a deep social element…

The Herb is an MMO that is a hybrid of everything you know and love about the MMO genre, it takes that structure, and twists it into a new and exhilarating adventure. What we have tried to accomplish with The Herb, is a breath of fresh breath into the genre, a mythical, ancient story with Science Fiction elements to offer players a new experiences and visions for a new world and new legends based on long forgotten lore. At the heart of the game is the story, and we want every player to feel as though their actions are making a difference to the struggle that the Gondwana face.

Your participation plays a big role in the success of the fight against your enemy. As well as offering an ordinary levelling system, you can use your fighting spirit to reach higher levels. Through its quest based reward system, players uncover long forgotten secrets, learn magician's recipes that give them the chance to form and develop their skills. With the right combination of different herbs the players can create elixirs that give them unique skills.

It is not only your fellow players that will see and appreciate the battles and quests you have completed in the name of freedom; the environment also reacts to your performance. The inhabitants of the planet will act accordingly to your actions, what you have done for them, and in some cases, what you have not done. They will become more friendly and accompany you on your way, as well as being a plentiful source of information, equipment, and aid as you continue on your ever-expanding journey.

Immerse yourself in an intense battle between worlds! You’ll roam freely in hyper-realistic, dynamic and interactive environments. Discover and enjoy Gondwana’s expansive, long-lasting adventures across an action-packed free world!


Gondwana is one of the oldest planets in the universe of Argatica, and is the only source of extremely rare and valuable herbs that enhance abilities. The story starts after the emperor of the planet, Queen Liviana, signed a peace treaty with the Cortanians, a group of hostile aliens. But as it turned out, her good intentions and well-meaning would lead to her doom.

After Queen Liviana is forced to escape into another world, Gondwana falls under the strict military surveillance of the Cortanian organization "Dark Moon".

Secretly, hidden from the eyes of the new regime, those unwilling to yield form a group of rebels. They band together under a common banner: "Hope" arises. The word Hope is only whispered behind closed doors. Founded by the mysterious leader Lerin Oracle, the resistance fights to end the reign of Dark Moon.







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